#eye #eye


ongoing collaborative project
with Corinna D’Schoto
[performed remotely via zoom]

Player One has 60 minutes to create & bind a simple book structure, according to instructions sheet provided by Player Unknown. The instructions may be followed in any order that Player One deems necessary or effective.

The 60 minutes begins with Player Unknown rolling 3 dice, which dictate which hand, tool & material Player One is allowed to use. 2 minutes after this first turn, 3 new dice will be rolled. This begins a new turn, & Player One will be allowed a different body part, tool & material. Play continues in this manner, with a total of 30 turns lasting for two minutes each,totaling 60 minutes. Player One is not obligated to do something during any turn, and might often be left with nothing to do by chance.

Player Unknown provides Player One with the necessary parts list sheet, dice interpretation sheet, gameplay structure sheet & building instructions sheet. Before gameplay, Player One collects everything on the parts list, & must size the materials according to their specifications listed.

Player One locates a table with enough space to house the parts list for easy access as well as a working surface to build. Players connect remotely via video chat, so that Player Unknown can see Player One’s work surface table, tools, & hands, while Player One sees Player Unknown’s rolling of dice. Players review the sheets provided pre-game for any clarification necessary.

Player One aims to create a book described in the instruction sheet, within the 30 turns permitted. This book is motivated to contain 30 pages, with each page documenting the rules of one of the 30 turns, in sequential order. Each turn, Player One must document the dice outcome. This documentation may be done on a scrap piece of paper.

Player Unknown oversees the actions of Player One.
Breaking of rules first constitutes a warning,
then each break reduces number of turns by one.

Results from each round of play: 

Installation at OyG in Brooklyn, NY