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multi-phase collaborative installation
with Madi Vander Ark
[while in residence at Boston University]

sheer[mir]ror is a recombinant performative installation exploring roles of ephemera in visual art experiences. it follows simple rules, including solely using the same materials throughout its metamorphosis over six months, as well as incorporating documentation from previous iterations in following phases. its intention was to be conducted over a six month period.

the first iteration of ‘sheer[mir]ror’ is a 20’ x 8’ (6x2.5m) structure made of PVC piping, sheer grey fabric, canvas ‘black-out’ fabric, safety pins, chicken wire, papier mâché, decaying river flora from the Charles River, recycled wooden boards, construction spray paint, LED lights & a handmade one-way mirror.

Viewers can enter the installation either through one of two ways.

The first is through the far end of the sheer fabric, which is constructed as a maze toward the center using a combination of sewing and safety pins. There are two paths to the center, and one is a dead-end.

The second way is through the black-out canvas tent, which has slits on its sides. A mound made of chicken wire, papier mâché and decaying river flora, punctures the interior and opposite end of the tent. From the exterior, it seems the mound is a complete form, covered by a quarantine tent. However, once one enters the tent, it is completely hollow and viewers are able to wander inside the structure freely.

From the tent, viewers can see the inside construction of the mounds, which are sanded, moulded to mimic caves or wasp-nests, and painted gold. LED lights are installed in the larger mound under sheer paper, diffusing the light. A one-way mirror separates the viewers from the mounds, so that viewers may see people outside of the tent, through holes in the mounds, but people outside of the tent will only see a mirror reflection of themselves looking through the holes, and the interior of the golden, honey like mound. These were impossible for us to document, adding to the allure of physical experience.

Spray painted glyphs adorn the tent end of the structure, using construction spray paint, borrowing language from symbols used during road-work construction. Pink construction spray designates an unknown structure hidden beneath a surface, while orange is particular to the area in which it is used, and suggests decipherability.

January 2020

The second iteration of ‘sheer[mir]ror’ is a 4’ x 8’ (1.25x2.5m) structure made of PVC piping, sheer grey fabric, construction spray paint, & projection. It only uses materials from the first iteration, including the projection itself, which is documentation of Madi traversing the first installation.

Viewers can enter the installation on either end through slits in the fabric.

Sheets of the grey fabric were cut to fit suspension from the top bars inside of the second structure.

The two projectors are oriented so that third person footage illuminates one half of the structure, while second person footage illumaintes the other half from the oppsoite side of the space.

Madi then enters the structure, and contends with two projections of her body traversing the same materials in a different orientation from the first installation. While inside, viewers witness Madi contending with the physical ephemera of the first installation, as well the documented ephemera via projection. 

In certain moments of performance, not only do Madi’s physical and projected line up, but the spray painted marks on the fabric in the video projections line up with the ephemeral spray painted marks of the fabric present in the installation.

February 2020

Unfortunately, due to the chaotic closure at Boston University during onset of COVID-19, the materials from this project were not able to be retrieved from this last installation site.  They were subsequently stolen before formal access into the studio building was granted.

Sadly, this project will not be seeing its 3rd - 6th iteration.

RIP <33