bedroom monism series
mid to late 2018

each 33” x 38” (~84x97cm)

handmade sizing, popcorn paint, pumice gel, glass beads, gel medium, molding paste, crackle paste, granular beads, acrylic & spray on drywall

(glow from back painted acrylic)

top to bottom:

walter palmer

digital collages  -- mid to late 2018
google maps images & personal photography
from Boston, USA & Galway, Ireland

altar dowries / dowry altars

charcoal on paper

30” x 43” (~76x109cm)

mid to late 2018

ternary sun catchers

oil & acrylic on canvas

each triptych overall
~ 24” x 24” (~61x61cm)

late 2018

8” x 10” (~20x25cm)

layered handmade paper of recycled fiber & spray paint

late 2018

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